Fabric Care

We need to have a positive impact on the fashion industry and on the world.
Understanding the quality and benefits of the materials helps you to purchase
more conscious clothing choices to keep in your wardrobe for a long time.


Benefits of Mambloom Bamboo Collection  


The thermal regulating effect of bamboo fibres helps you stay sweat free and feeling fresh day and night.

Buttery Soft

A light fabric, gentle on the skin, and naturally soft. The smooth bamboo fibre is just perfect for mums when breastfeeding.


Bamboo doesn't trigger any allergic reactions. This makes it ideal for baby skin, sensitive skin, etc. 

Better for the environment

Bamboo is one of the best sustainable options. It can be grown and harvested again and again. Bamboo helps clean the air. It absorbs five time CO2 from the air. 

Washing tips

Bamboo Clothes doesn't need any special care.

Crease-resistant without ironing. 

No more Scratchy Labels

Some labels may cause itching and possibly irritation on the skin. Our clothing is "free"and essentially tagless because the product information is imprinted within the garment.


Care Instructions